Product Overview

Product Overview

Isaiah Research focuses on the supply chain analysis and cross-check the information from upstream to downstream. To serve our clients effectively and efficiently, we offer two kinds of service: 1) Research Subscriptions and 2) Customized Projects.

Besides, Isaiah Research team provides with timely and up-to-date market information and follows market trends closely. We help our customers through supply chain uncertainties via Email Q&A Communication and Conference Calls.



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Customized Projects

Customized Projects

We help develop and define requirements for customized market research and industry analysis. The projects address specific areas and allow for development, positioning, and in-depth technology analysis.

.XR Supply Chain




  • TSMC Capacity Allocation in 4Q21~3Q22

    • We see TSMC may start the N3 pilot run in 1Q22 with 1~3% capacity contribution. Afterward, N3 may step into the MP schedule in 2H22 and the capacity ratio may further rise in the future.
    • For N4/N5, we see TSMC may further expand the capacity in Y2022 and the capacity ratio may increase to 9~11% in 2H22 from 6~8% in Y2021, with the strong demand from Apple’s A15/A16 and Bitmain’s mining ASIC.
    • As for TSMC N22/N28, we expect it may contribute the highest proportion in 12” process nodes and have upcoming expansion plans thanks to the continued demand in ISP, auto MCU, RFIC and WiFi.

    Delivered in May’22

  • Smartphone AP Shipment in Y2021~Y2022

    • We forecast the total smartphone AP shipments may be 1350~1400M in Y2022, which is 1~3% YoY growth compared to the AP shipments in Y2021.
    • For Apple, we see Apple may enjoy a stable market share in Y2022 thanks to the great selling momentum of iPhone 13 series and bright future for iPhone 14 series in 2H22.
    • For MediaTek and Qualcomm, we see they may focus more resources on 5G AP market. Thus, 4G AP market share may transfer more to Unisoc in Y2022.
    • As for other smartphone brands such as Google and JLQ, we expect the market share may increase 1~2% in Y2022 mainly contributed from more JLQ’s 4G AP market share and potential adoption by Xiaomi.

    Delivered in May'22

As to protect our customers’rights, we simplify the data into percentages or show the details in a fuzzy way. For more information, please contact us at

As to protect our customers’rights, we simplify the data into percentages or show the details in a fuzzy way. For more information, please contact us at


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